collective cattery of the British cats

British kittens and cats in Moscow «LivaCats*RU

We were conquered byBritish kittens of such rare coat pattern as chocolate marble and all variantsof silver colors (usually called "Wiskas") in particular.

ASHANTIBRITTOWN*RU and ZOYKA BRILLIANT SPARK are the first nurslings. They became themain breeders of "Ornamental program". Judges from differentcountries gave them the preference repeatedly on FIFE fairs in tough competition. At home they are favorite and authoritative pets.

In 2009 after severalsuccessful years unexpectedly we returned to the classic, which is out of modeand time. Single-color blue, cream-colored, lilac, chocolate, black, all colorswith white remain in demand constantly, the type of reputable animals and theirhair's quality will be a visit card of British brood always. We hope ournurslings won't leave you indifferent!


Our breedingcattery's brood program is oriented to getting highbred animals meetingall requirements of the modern brood's standard. We try to rear healthynurslings with original British character. We are sure, our pets will giveaesthetic delight not only to us, but their children will become an absoluteadornment of your house, return your love and kindness. Our web site is topresent you all British kittens, tabbies and tomcats of Moscow breeding cattery"LivaCats*RU", to share our knowledge about this perfect brood andto assist you in purchasing healthy and well-mannered British kitten, who willbe your friend for many years.

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